Nova Revisited

Nova Revisit - Not Posed

Jessica bailer sculpt01

View of the high resolution sculpt. Sculpting was focused on her face, beak, and clavicle area.

Jessica bailer sculpt03

Front view of the sculpt.

Jessica bailer sculpt02

Closer shot of the sculpting done on the beak.

Jessica bailer diffuseandnormal

The diffuse map and normal map. Normal map was baked in Mudbox.

Nova Revisited

Captain Nova Luxon is a character I created in 2015 for my first ever character modeling project. I have since gone back to optimize some aspects of her and change her textures. The original project can be viewed here: 
The main elements I changed/remodeled where her head, her feet and boots, and her tail. The main body shape was left primarily alone from the original.