Eiko: Fire on the Mountain

Jessica bailer highresscreenshot00001

The red bridge leading to the temple.

Jessica bailer highresscreenshot00000

Eiko standing by the cherry blossom trees.

Jessica bailer highresscreenshot00008

The red bridge from another angle.

Jessica bailer preview02

Cherry blossom trees found within the level.

Jessica bailer preview01

One of the many lantern collectibles.

Jessica bailer highresscreenshot00006

The temple with all of the lanterns returned.

Jessica bailer 5thaccountability03

Lantern sitting alone in the cave section of the level.

Jessica bailer preview05

Lone stone lantern over looking the river and pond.

Jessica bailer 5thaccountability04

Path at the beginning of the level with blossoms littered throughout.

Jessica bailer highresscreenshot00007

Overview of the whole level.

Jessica bailer eikotexturepreviewartstation

Eiko's texture map.

Jessica bailer bamboovarients

Variants on the bamboo texture.

Jessica bailer cherryblossomtextureartstation

Texture for the cherry blossoms on the cherry blossom tree.

Jessica bailer doodle of doggo

Concept from 2016 that hatched the idea for a wolf character with a sentient scarf. Eiko's main design never strayed far from this concept.

Jessica bailer eikoconcepts

Concepts for Eiko the wolf

Jessica bailer lanternconcepts

Concepts for stone lanterns

Jessica bailer templeconcept

Temple Concept

Eiko: Fire on the Mountain

"Eiko: Fire on the Mountain" was my Honor's Capstone project as part of the requirements for my honor's diploma. EFotM is designed to be a "walking simulator" of sorts to give a practical example of the various skills I've learned during my undergraduate career. The game consists of a majority of assets created by myself as well as some assets collected from other sources (rocks and mountains were gathered from outside sources). The game was built in Unreal Engine primarily by myself with some assistance from my friend Elena T. who gave me support on some of the programming aspects of the project near the end of its development.

I built all of the materials and post processing effects featured in the project.

Itch.io page: https://berryfoxes.itch.io/eiko-fire-on-the-mountain