Sabimushita: 48 Hour Game Jam Game

Jessica bailer menuscreen

Title Screen without the in-game options

Jessica bailer mx mqc
Jessica bailer sabiscreenshot
Jessica bailer rustystanding

Rusty Idle Animation

Jessica bailer crustystanding

Crusty Idle Animation

Jessica bailer rustyrunning

Rusty Running Animation

Jessica bailer crustyrunning

Crusty Running Animation

Jessica bailer rustyflying

Rusty Flying Animation

Jessica bailer crustyflying

Crusty Running Animation

Jessica bailer rustytiles

Metal tiles used for the randomly generated stages ranging from clean to totally rusted.

Jessica bailer backgroundparalax

Though barely seen, these are the pieces of the parallaxing city-scape seen in the background.

Jessica bailer instructions
Jessica bailer credits

Sabimushita: 48 Hour Game Jam Game

Sabimushita: The Rust Must Go! can be found to download for free here:

This was my team's entry into the first annual 2016 Shanty Jam Game Jam that I helped establish along with the Charger Studios animation and game design club at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. The jam took place September 2nd - 4th, 2016 and the theme was "crusty".

I was the only artist on the team of 4, so I did all of the art assets and animations. This was also my first time ever doing pixel art!

Sabimushita: The Rust Must Go! is a short multiplayer splitscreen game, with controller support, that my team and I made in less than 48 hours. The goal of the game is essentially to clean more rust than your opponent. The two owl characters are brothers Rusty (Sabimushita) and Crusty (Buaisona) who must cleanse the city of its rust, but of course have turned it into a competition because of their intense sibling rivalry!