The Tale of Tiny Burrito

Jessica bailer 02babytinyburrito

Baby Tiny Burrito, whom I designed and modeled with the town in the background.

Jessica bailer 03alleyshot

Baby Tiny Burrito again, sitting next to the trash can I modeled in one of the scenes that I staged.

Jessica bailer 05barandgrill

Tiny Burrito now grown up in a scene where he flees from the villains.

Jessica bailer 01comida

The city scene in the background. I modeled the largest cactus and the small hospital cactus.

Jessica bailer 04tb is busted

The villain, Senor Jalapeno, whom I did some of the motion capture for.

The Tale of Tiny Burrito

The Tale of Tiny Burrito was the short film I worked on in my Short Film I class in Spring of 2016. The short was unfortunately unfinished, but these renders feature work I contributed.
During the semester I played the roles of Producer/Production Manager and Technical Director while also creating some of the modeled assets. 
Things that I did for the film include: modeling, texturing, staging and layout, managing tasks, checking and ensuring assets were useable, fit the style, and ready to use, worked with our suit-less motion capture rig, rigged several characters, created blinn shapes for several characters, and designed many of the characters.